Feb 21, 2010

How to Paint Little Red

I thought this might be good to post since some people do take interest in the sequence of painting an image. All of this was done on A2 water colour paper and watered-down acrylic.

This is Red's line work. A stock reference was used for the face but the rest was made up. It was drawn directly onto the paper I painted onto.

The skin was layered with washes of pthalo green and the layering of gold was started on the face. The rest of her skin was then layered with gold.

Layered red over the hair, lips, eye and limited parts of the skin.

Black was layered over the areas of red and later the green. This process was repeated with the green and red for her 'clothes'.

I went back and reworked the chin before washing in the background with a yellow and pthalo green. This painting process is basically how all of my paintings using watered down acrylics are done just with different colours.

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