Feb 21, 2010

The Old Inn

It's a polystyrene model I made way back in '07 for an art assignment. I had one of those rare freakishly amazing (in a good way) art teachers by the name of Damien McCan or McCann (can't remember how to spell his name) who was trained in special effects for movies but couldn't get a job in Western Australia. Anyway, he taught me the basics of polystyrene modelling.

This is the "Old Inn" and is 40 cm high and weighs less than a kilo. It's made of balsa wood, astro turf as grass, polystyrene and plywood as a base. Bear in mind I made it when I was 13 so it's not perfect but I love it all the same. The images are a 360 degree view of the Inn. Enjoy.

- It also got a DD (which is like a special feature) on Deviantart too. My gallery is: http://www.aizrihdhel.deviantart.com/

At the time I made the account a couple years ago I felt like having the most complicated name possible.

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