Feb 17, 2010


It has been a while since I posted anything and I blame TEE and illustrating a picture book.

Last month I was contracted by Paul Collins at Ford Street Publishing to illustrate a book written by Gary Crew. It's my first illustration job and is coming a long quite well and lots of hugs to Gary and Paul for being so patient and for giving me a chance. I might upload some of the concept work later once the book has been published later on if I'm allowed. More on the release date as I get the thing done.
Evidently since it's still the beginning of term my art classes at school have been lacking practical work. I now hate art history and theory- 3 solid weeks of it just kills it for you. So I thought it would be good to upload some old sketchbook pages for the hell of it. Personally I love looking at sketchbooks and seeing the idea development and concepts... If you want to try and read my handwritten notes (good luck) then you'll get the references used, what I like about each image etc:

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